Across the Globe: Gallery Spotlight #8

by Unseen August 16 2017

As we get closer to this year’s edition of Unseen Amsterdam, we are pleased to announce the galleries who will be showcasing work. This week, we travel to Germany, where we are delighted to introduce BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART, Galerie für Moderne Fotografie and mirko mayer galerie / m-projects.

mirko mayer galerie / m-projects
mirko mayer galerie / m-projects was founded in 1998 and is based in Cologne. The gallery aims to collaborate with artists who work with both two and three dimensional mediums, which often results in exhibitions that are installation based or site specific. m-projects was developed to complement the gallery’s programme and helps emerging artists to show their work before they are featured in mirko mayer gallery. One of the artists the gallery will be showing at this year’s Unseen Amsterdam is Pasi Orrensalo, who has been nominated for this year’s Meijburg Art Commission. Using photography to tell stories, Orrensalo will present the series ‘Life Behind Waste’, which looks at abandoned objects and waste in a new light. Photographing scrap items flying through the sky, Orrensalo injects new life into the objects using a style infused with humour and joy.  

number 1 (red volvo / car),from the series life behind the waste, 2017 © Pasi Orrensalo/Mirko Mayer galerie / m-projects  

BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART was founded in 1996 by Bernhard Knaus and initially focused on publishing photo, video and graphic editions by contemporary international artists. The first gallery spaces were opened in 2001 in Mannheim, Germany, before the new gallery opened in Frankfurt, where it is now. Bernhard Knaus currently represents 12 artists and curates six exhibitions a year. Having primarily focused on the exploration of photography as an artistic medium, the gallery now has a strong focus on abstract and representational painting as well. With an interest in artists who reflect on the experiences of our time, the gallery aims to shed light on fundamental questions regarding human perception. Amongst other artists, BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART is proud to be showing work by South Korean artist Kyungwoo Chun at this year’s edition of Unseen Amsterdam. In his series ‘Faces of Faces’, Chun asked performers to close their eyes and draw pictures of their own faces while their portraits were captured using a long exposure. Layering the images on top of each other, Chun explores themes of self-reflection and perception with an innovative reinvention of the portrait form.

Face of Face62016KyungwooChunBernhard KnausWeb_0.jpg Photo: Face of Faces #6, from the series Face of Faces, 2016 © Kyungwoo Chun/BERNHARD KNAUS FINE ART

Galerie für Moderne Fotografie
The Galerie für Moderne Fotografie was founded in 2008 by Kirsten Hermann and is located in Berlin’s Mitte district. The gallery programme concentrates specifically on photographic work by internationally established artists, as well as work by young or emerging artists. Focusing on fashion, conceptual and staged photography, the gallery seeks to convey a diversity of approaches in the contemporary photographic climate. At Unseen Amsterdam 2017, Galerie für Moderne Fotografie is proud to present the work of Parisian artist Camille Vivier. Playing with the portrait form and landscape photography, Vivier explores the relationship between living beings and abstract or architectural forms using a style that alludes to the surreal and dreamlike quality of life.

Olympic 4, 2015 C Camille Vivier Galerie für Moderne Fotografie WEB.tif _0.jpgOlympic #4, 2015 © Camille Vivier/Galerie für Moderne Fotografie

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